01 Jan 2018

Reflection & Prayer Nights

Terra family,

There’s just something about the start of a new year that lends itself to a fresh examination of our hopes, dreams, goals, and the areas we desire to change. While some of us might be jaded by past experience, goals, resolutions, and plans are an important (necessary even!) part of any disciple’s pilgrimage— if shaped by the voice and will of the Lord.

Perhaps this is the difference between positive and negative experiences when it comes to new year’s resolutions; creating lists of things we hope to do or accomplish are often informed (consciously or not) by the approval we hope to feel from God or others. But what if instead of setting out to do a bunch of things, we ask God to show us who He wants us to be? My guess is that we might arrive at some very different conclusions about how we’re going to approach 2018…

On Friday, January 5th and Friday January 12th from 7:15 – 9:15pm, the sanctuary of FBC will be open for you to spend time reflecting and praying in preparation for the year ahead. Light guidance will be offered throughout the night to move you through a process of reflecting, preparing, and engaging, but mostly, we want to create the time and space for you to personally seek and hear from the Lord.

Whether it’s on one of these occasions or at some other point, I hope you find the time to sit before the Lord and hear from Him sometime early in the new year… whether about the work of cutting or mending, humbling or building up, His word and presence are life-giving, and we need that.

If you have any questions, feel free to email daniel@terranovachurch.org.

Some things to know for the Reflection & Prayer Nights:

  • It’s not necessary, but it may help you prepare for a time of reflection & prayer by listening to this past Sunday’s sermon on “Taking Spiritual Inventory”.
  • Bring a Bible, journal, and pen. Stripping back the technology can help eliminate the distractions that make it difficult to hear from the Lord.
  • Due to the flow of the night, we ask that you arrive at 7:15pm, or as close to the start as possible. Some may need to leave early, which we understand. However, we strongly encourage you to stay for the duration… a part of what makes an occasion like this rare is that it is an extended time of reflection and prayer with the Lord.
  • Other than the times of brief instruction and light worshipful music, the sanctuary will be a quiet environment for people to reflect and pray; please be mindful of this as you arrive and leave.

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