Terra Nova Residency

A Church Planting Reactor for the Northeast

It is critical that the church of today invests into the church of tomorrow. Nowhere is the need more important than in the Northeast, the least biblically literate region in America. A Residency at a local church can help a young pastor have a foundation in the church and the tools for an enduring and effective ministry.

At Terra Nova we are launching an 18-month Church Planting Residency aimed at shepherding future church leaders who are likely in their late twenties and early thirties and have recently completed seminary. We envision the Residency acting as the bridge between seminary and local church ministry.

The Residency will have an emphasis on developing the leader’s spiritual life in the context of community with other residents who are based in partner churches. Much of our academic training can prepare our heads for ministry and our hands for doing the craft of ministry, but we must not inadvertently bypass the heart. In order to be effective in ministry, pastors must be spiritually healthy, growing as a person and a leader.

We will work together with regional churches, key church leaders and church planting movements to help prepare future pastors. We believe we can more fully develop the pastor by providing a cohort in the Residency and trusted peer network for the future.

four Distinctives

Tory Arnesen

Our Current Resident

Ed Marcelle
Senior Pastor & Residency Director

One day the church leader of the future for the northeast, walks into a church. No one recognizes him as a pastor yet. He has a journey ahead of him. He could be a wandering soul who has searched the world over for meaningful answers and is inexplicably drawn to Jesus and the Bible. He could be a pastor’s son who wandered off in college in a blur of endless parties, poor choices, and bad relationship before coming into a new church plant and changing his life. Either of these is ready for faith and to commit their lives to following and serving Jesus.

Tomorrow’s pastor may come form all sorts of backgrounds, but this is sure, they are being led by Jesus to become servant leaders of His future church.

Today’s pastor must be one ready to invest into these young men and that is my heart for this Residency. That it is a place where young men heading into ministry have a place to prepare for their calling through meeting with seasoned pastors who are willing to open up their world in the way rabbis have done in the past. I love to teach, train and shepherd future shepherds of God’s people.

I’d encourage you to reach out and learn more about the Residency program and I’d love to help you discover new ground, or terra nova, to which the Lord is calling you. 

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