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Worship Leader Development

Training Others to Lead the Church in Worship

Our vision is to regularly be raising up men and women for the work of worship ministry in the local church. We  love to develop worship leaders who understand the worship DNA of Terra Nova church, are pilgrims chasing after Christ, and are able to lead others to glorifying Christ through worship.

To help us realize that vision we have created a process with Four Key Distinctives whereby potential worship leaders are able to be trained, interact with existing elders and worship leaders and hear from God if they feel called to the role of a worship leader in some form within the local church.

By moving a small group of men and women through the Collective together, we believe we are more fully developing the person and providing a collective of brothers & sisters that can support each other in future ministry.

The men and women who take part are, or have been, a part of a Terra Nova worship team and have expressed an interest in worship development. Each Collective spends approximately 12-months interacting and developing alongside each other regularly – through time involving education, discussion, training, worshiping, and assessments.

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