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Youth discipleship that is Jesus-centered, family-curated, church-nurtured, and lived out in the world

What is Neos?
Neos is an intentional, yet organic ministry at Terra Nova Saratoga for youth aged (11-18yrs) kids. This ministry exists to support our families, many of which contain a growing youth population. We acknowledge the unique, exciting, and even challenging time that youths bring to the life of our immediate families, as well as our larger church family. A family is a God ordained, intimate, and beautiful picture of the Church, thus, we believe that our children have the best chance to know and follow Jesus while in the context of the family that is living out a genuine life of faith alongside others.
The best place to start, and the core of discipleship, is knowing and growing in our love of our Savior Jesus Christ and His Word. Neos will provide 3-4 intensive terms (4-5 consecutive weeks) of Bible Study and exploration throughout the year to help encourage and disciple youths both in becoming disciples and also better disciples of Jesus. Through these times of worship, teaching, discussion, and mentorship, it is our desire to empower our youth to make their faith their own, and to encourage and build up the next generation of Kingdom members. We want, as Paul encourages Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12, to encourage our youth to speak well, treat others with love, to develop a strong faith, and seek purity.
Another desired result of these gatherings is to foster friendship building and recreation throughout the year. It’s our hope that Neos provides a network of like-minded and life-stage similar families to foster opportunities for shared experiences, unique support, and needed encouragement.
We encourage you to prayerfully consider how you might join and contribute to a meaningful and fruitful season of growth for our kids, your family as a whole, and our church family as we witness firsthand how the Lord grows all of us to love Jesus more. For more information, contact Pastor Matt.
FAQ : What to Know About Neos
How will meetings work?
Each meeting during a seasonal term will be on a Thursday night, from 6:39 – 8:00pm. Each week of a given term will be taught by the same volunteer(s) and have light refreshments/snacks. Meetings in a given term will be focused on a particular Bible study.  
How do I get involved?
In order to make this ministry serve our church, we need our church to serve it!  There are various ways in which you and your family can be part of Neos:
  • Appointed Leaders/Teachers: This person/couple will be responsible for teaching the Bible Study and facilitating the 4-5 week term. This person/couple will meet with the Schwartzes 2 weeks prior to the start of the term to work through material and group discussion items. 
  • Hospitality Coordinators: This person/couple will be responsible for making sure there is food/beverage/cups/utensils for each week of the term. They are not necessarily responsible for procuring refreshments themselves unless they volunteer. Receipts for reimbursement (if desired) should be submitted to Pastor Matt.
  • Event/Recreation Host: This person intentionally plans nights for Neos Youth to gather and recreate together.  This could include just the kids or the whole family, or even just parents! Events can, but do not need to, happen during the terms.  We hope that events will help fill the time in between terms and will help strengthen friendships and create fun memories!  Ideas include: bonfire, hike, game night, movie night, ice cream social, pool party, etc…   

Connect With Us!

Want to join Neos in a serving capacity or have a student who wants to join as a participant? 

Connect in our Planning Center Group or by emailing Pastor Matt.

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