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Past, Present & Future

From Terra Nova’s earliest days, we knew God was calling us to not just plant a church, but to be a church planting church. Part of the original vision for Terra Nova was that it would grow into a family of local churches who were independent from one another, yet also interdependent upon one another. We envisioned this closely knit church family serving and sharing with one another. Our heart was to center ourselves on Christ and share common mission, values and cultural DNA.

In January of 2006 Terra Troy was the first Terra Nova Church that was planted in Troy, NY. It wasn’t very long after that in 2008 when the elders and pastors of Terra Nova turned our attention to the second Terra Nova. God’s timing was not our timing then and the Spirit prevented us from moving forward at that time. Then in 2011, it was evident God began to provide the plan for Terra to plant a new church. In January of 2013, Terra Saratoga was planted in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY as the second Terra Nova Church.

For the past few years, Terra Nova has poured resources into building and sustaining these two church families. In 2015, the elders and pastors of Terra again began asking God to show us what new ground He was calling us to pursue. In January of 2016, we announced to the Terra family that God has led us to begin the work of planting our third church in Western New England. About one-hour east of the Capital District of New York, Terra Berkshires is beginning to put down roots in Massachusetts with hopes of having a public launch in 2017.

The future is unwritten, but we will remain following the Lord into places we have not been; into fresh ground or new earth, Terra Nova. We will continue to invest into future church planters who have a passion to plant more and better Christ centered churches.

We invite you to join us as we journey together into new places.

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