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Raising Up The Next Generation of Church Leaders

Terra Nova is a family of churches focused on planting churches for the future of the church. To that end, we value assessing and equipping young potential leaders who may serve the next generation of the church. 

We’ve created a process whereby young men and women who are examining if they are called to a life of ministry (lay or vocational) in the local church can explore God’s calling for them alongside those currently in ministry. An internship at a Terra Nova church is designed for, and open to, those who are exploring where God may be calling them, or where He has gifted them to serve the local church.

Internships can be aimed at church planting, worship ministry, christian education, pastoral discipleship, administration, graphic arts, communication, and others. While some of the structure for the Internship will over-arch all these areas – each Internship will also be tailored to the specific person based on their goals and also based on assessments from key leaders at Terra Nova. 

We have developed three Key Distincitves that define the Terra Nova Internship, and invite you to explore those below.

three Distinctives


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