Redemption Groups
Counseling in Community

Redemption Groups are a short-term, intensive season of discipleship in the context of small groups.

In Redemption Groups we hope participants experience the transforming truth and grace of God in life’s deepest areas of sin and suffering. We hold these groups 1-2x a year, and they extend over the course of around 8 weeks. A Redemption Group is not meant to replace, but to support our Tribes at Terra, offering spiritual care in a concentrated format that serves to catalyze growth in the areas we struggle the most.

Taylor Philippi
Redemption Group Leader

As followers of Jesus we are redeemed. Yet we all experience the pain of sin and suffering. We feel hopelessness because of sin and suffering. It is as if we have been alone in a dark, cold, isolated pit for some time. We make futile attempts to deal with sin and its consequences on our own, but they continue to be at the forefront of our lives. We want a life that reflects Christ, but the weight of sin and suffering is heavy.

It was in a moment like this that I entered Redemption Groups with other pilgrims. Through prayer, truth from the Word, guidance from the Spirit and love from Spilled-filled men, God changed my heart. If you are in a similar place of life, I encourage you to consider giving your time and energy to participating in Redemption Group. Doing so will provide an opportunity for the Gospel to interest your life in a transformative way.

Daniel Williams
Redemption Group Leader

As Christians, we daily experience the paradox of being new creatures in Christ, yet with evidence of a broken world all around us— and inside us. When God saved you, He redeemed you from your sins once and for all, but He continues working to redeem those areas of pain and suffering that are the reverberating consequences of sin. Sometimes, it’s impossible to address these areas without focused time, attention, and the input of other Spirit-filled men and women speaking into our life. If this is where you sense that you are – stuck in a pattern of sin or unbelief – I want to encourage you to consider whether God may be providing you an opportunity for further growth and freedom through a Redemption Group. It is a significant investment of time and energy; but one I’m confident will lead to the change that happens where God’s word, Spirit, and people intersect and are open to what He wants to do.


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