Lectio Coram Deo

Mystic. Pilgrim. Missionary.

Reading in the Presence of God

God’s primary method of communicating with His people is His Word. Therefore, the primary tool for disciples to grow in Christ is the Word of God empowered by the Spirit to show us Jesus.

So, we engage the Bible by reading His Word that follows the repeated pattern of how disciples mature. We read His Word as mystics, pilgrims and missionaries. Mystics who are chasing after the eternal God first and foremost, while becoming pilgrims that understand more of our growth and journey so we can be missionaries with a greater impact for the Kingdom of God in this world.



When we read the Bible we read as mystics who are seeking to learn more about is author, God; and who it primarily reveals to us, Jesus Christ. We are trying to find our way toward Him; trying to see the invisible and eternal God so we can know more of Him, His character, and His truth.

We read His Word trying to engage our minds and our hearts with all our strength. We ask questions, such as:

  • God, who are You? What are Your characteristics? Where are You?
  • What does God do in these stories? What does He not do? Why?
  • How does communicate? Why does God communicate what He does and when He does?
  • What truth is revealed that I need to understand more of?

This is the exercise of allowing the Creator to inform the created. We start with the Author and Perfecter of Life.



When we read the Bible we seek to become pilgrims allowing ourselves to be led by the One who knows us best and loves us perfectly. It is to understand our identity in light of Him.

We strive to listen to the Word with a critical mind, but not a critical heart. We aim to quiet our opinions and preconceived ideas and allow Him to inform us about who we are, what He wants us to believe, and how He wants us to live. We ask questions, like:

  • Do I believe or trust what God has said? Why or why not?
  • Knowing my history, temptations, and personality, what part of my life is (or is not) lining up with who God is or what He says?
  • What sin is this revealing about my heart and my actions?
  • Do I see myself in the same characteristics God displays, or the characters of the stories?



When we read the Bible we strive to become missionaries for Him, conduits of His truth and grace to the world around us. It is a noble calling and humbling task to be called by God to go and share His story; but our God in His sovereignty reveals Himself through us and He allows us to play a part in His redemptive story.

So we read the Bible to learn how we can better point people to Jesus. We ask questions, like:

  • Does God have a different way of living or thinking He wants me to live out with those around me?
  • Do the truths revealed by God in the story line up, or conflict, with the culture are me?
  • Am I called to do something? Go somewhere? Serve someone?
  • How can I reflect this truth and grace at home, in my work, or in my leisure?
Blue / Eternal

Represents sky and that all people have an idea of eternality; there is something infinite and beyond us that we reach towards.

Red / Internal

Represents blood and that all people have an internal sense of identity; who we are and what our story is.

Green / External

Represents the verdant world around us and that all people have will have an impact on it, or leave a legacy behind them.

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