Reveal. Respond. Reflect.

The Journey of Following Jesus

God calls His Church to the mission of making more and better disciples of Jesus. The Gospel draws people to the Lord and it continues to mature them as their stories are continually being informed by the Lord.

Discipleship aims at complete transformation, not just partial improvement. It is more than just information gathering, learning, and self improvement. Discipleship is a change in the direction of life onto a path with a repeated pattern of faithfully finding the things God reveals, responding to them, and then reflecting that to others.



The created is always informed by the Creator. God initiates, and disciples of Him are people who find first the revelation of God. The things they search for, listen to, and follow are the things the Eternal God reveals.

God always begins. He is communicative and constantly reveals Himself. He does so in creation through its beauty and order. He speaks through His Word so that His people can know Him; His nature and His character. He speaks through His people and their lives. He has fully revealed Himself in the person of Jesus Christ. All we ever need to know about God has been fully revealed to us in Jesus Christ.

Disciples of Jesus continually look to Christ and His Word to be led by Him.



In every moment of God’s revelation, there is a response. Revelation is always followed by response. The discipleship journey has a continually repeated pattern of God revealing Himself and His people responding.

Sometimes disciples respond by receiving in faith what God has revealed which leads to following and worshiping Him. Sometimes disciples respond by rejecting God’s revealed truth out of fear or doubt. The pilgrim journey for disciples is one marked by either receiving or rejecting God’s truth and grace.

Our aim is to move towards more faithfully and consistently receiving God’s revelation; allowing the knowledge of God to become something that we experience in a way that transforms our lives.



God’s revelation always calls for a response from His disciples. In responding, disciples always reflect their response to those around them. Part of God’s revelation to people is through His disciples and how they respond to Him.

In receiving Him, we reflect faith, trust, worship and adoration of our God. Our story illumines His story. In rejecting Him, we reflect fear, doubt, pride and sin. Our story eclipses His story.

The call of God to His disciples is to come and see Him, to follow Him, and then to go; reflect the things that He has revealed to us. Disciples who have their hearts transformed by experiencing the joy and the satisfaction of God then live lives that are serving others and sharing the truth and grace of God with the world.

Blue / Eternal

Represents sky and that all people have an idea of eternality; there is something infinite and beyond us that we reach towards.

Red / Internal

Represents blood and that all people have an internal sense of identity; who we are and what our story is.

Green / External

Represents the verdant world around us and that all people have will have an impact on it, or leave a legacy behind them.

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