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Holy Week

We hope this devotional aids your contemplation of the Cross the celebration of the Resurrection this Holy Week.

The week from Palm Sunday to Easter is often referred to as Holy Week and focuses on the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry.

This year, Pastor Dave Klass from Terra North Adams, wrote a 7-day devotional titled The Five Wounds of Christ as the topics for each
day center on the five wounds Christ received while on the cross. Each day the devotional journeys through the significance  these wounds through their eternal, internal, and external implications. Each day there is a scripture, devotional writing, questions to consider & prayer. The prayers are taken from a collection of Puritan Prayers written in the 18th & 19th centuries.

In addition to a daily devotional, we’ve included lyrics to 2 songs and we’ve included two pages in the middle of this devotional to aid your time at home as a family.

In devoting time and attention to the wounds Christ endured due to our sins, we are able to view His subsequent resurrection through a clearer lens that magnifies the power and meaningfulness of the most important event in history.

Holy Week

The Five Wounds of Christ

The Five Wounds of Christ


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