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We hope these aid you in celebrating the Christmas season

Advent means “the arrival”  and is the season in the traditional church calendar marked by the 4 Sundays before Christmas where we reflect upon how Christ fulfills 4  critical aspects of human life: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love.

The Advent season calls us to consider the arrival and fulfillment of hope, peace, joy and love in Christ three ways: (1) Past: We look backwards and see how God’s people had been waiting for millennia for Him to come and bring these things to our humanity. (2) Future: We also look forward to His promised second coming, or arrival; which is what we find ourselves waiting for at this point in the story of God’s people. We believe there will be a day when He will brings the fullness of these things for eternity. (3) Present: We also consider a third advent – and that is the arrival of Christ now — in our hearts & lives today and how He may work through us to bring hope, peace, joy and love to the world around us. 

So, please use these weekly devotionals to do just that: 
 remember His first arrival; celebrate & share the news about His arrival for us now; and, wait for His arrival to come.

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