22 Apr 2018

Orthodoxy, Polity, Liberty: The Unity Behind Acts 2:42-47

Terra family,

Today we took a look at the early church in Acts 2, and it’s trademark of unity. Unity is fueled by the Holy Spirit (who keeps us focused on Jesus), and nurtured by engaging together in the age-old, timeless practices of the church depicted in vss. 42-47.

When we are walking by the Spirit, we are able to keep the main things the main thing– which allows us to experience unity, even where we hold to a diversity of views on secondary issues. Secondary doesn’t mean unimportant – it just means that we should never break fellowship with other believers over these doctrines / issues.

We talked about the paradigm of “Orthodoxy”, “Polity”, and “Liberty” (see pic above) as a tool to help us think through what are the open-handed vs. close-handed issues of the Christian faith. And I mentioned that there would be a couple of resources here on the website for you to dig further into these things…

Below are two links: One is to a sermon entirely devoted to exploring this paradigm, and the other is an 8-part series on the Apostles’ Creed, one of the early statements of faith the church adopted to help define what the close-handed issues of the Christian faith are. Hopefully these will be helpful resources if you’d like to dig deeper on these topics!

Orthodoxy, Polity, Liberty Sermon

Aposltes’ Creed Sermon Series


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