17 Jan 2019

Winter Weather and Cancellation Updates

With winter now well upon us we’d like to address how Terra Nova deals with weather that could potentially affect Sunday morning gatherings.

First, we know that we have a wide radius from which people are driving into Saratoga. Because of the varied places from which people may be coming, the weather and/or road conditions could differ greatly during a given storm. So we base the decision on Saratoga and the immediate surrounding area itself. Also the decision to cancel must be made by around 6am on a Sunday morning since some volunteers arrive at 6:30 – 7am.

When we do have to cancel Sunday morning services, there are various outlets in which you can get that information:

1) There will be a News Post link on the home page for Terra Saratoga.

2) Terra Saratoga’s Facebook page will have a link to the news post. (If you haven’t “liked” us on FB you can do so here.)

3) Lastly, many of you have given us your email address (if you’re on a volunteer team, have a child in our Terra Kids’ program, give online, etc.), and we will be sending out an email to those for whom we have it. (If we do not have your email address, please feel free to send it to matt@terranovachurch.org and we will add it to our database.)

A slight disclaimer: Due to the unpredictability of exact weather conditions and outcomes, please understand that a “bad call” might be made one-way-or-another. (i.e. cancelled when we didn’t need to, or failed to cancel when we probably should have.) A best judgment call must be made, and the leadership does not take the cancellation of church lightly.

Thank you Terra family. Here’s to hoping that all of our winter storms fall on other days of the week!

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