01 Jun 2020

Understanding Racial Inequality

Terra family,

Building off my intro to the sermon yesterday, here are some resources to engage more deeply on the issues of racism and inequality in our country, and how we are to engage as Christ-followers, seeking equal dignity for all those made in the image of God.

It can be hard to know how to engage. Start with prayer. Start by being self-learners; what we’re truly passionate about, we will seek to better understand (this goes for any other issue as well).

I’m sure this will be an important Terra Talk subject down the road. In the meantime, seek to understand and engage with others on this issue, full of grace and truth.


George Floyd and Me, by Shai Linne (The Gospel Coalition)

Moving Beyond the Racial Gridlock in a Divided Nation (George Yancey)

What George Floyd’s Death Should Remind Us About Jesus & the Gospel (Russel Moore)

Racism & Corporate Evil: A White Guy’s Perspective (Tim Keller)

Panel Discussion: Understanding Race & Reconciliation in America (Acts29)

A Sentence or a Movement? A Look at Black Lives Matter (Al Mohler)

A Perspective On Riots (Brady Goodwin)


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