02 Nov 2019

Terra Talks {UPDATED}

Important Update: Due to an overwhelming response for our first Terra Talks, we are currently at capacity. We do still encourage you to register as we would love to offer this same talk again in the coming weeks if we have enough extra sign ups. In addition, we have already begun exploring venues where we can accommodate a larger group. Thank you for your interest! We are excited to see how God uses this time to inform and encourage us as a Church family.

On Sunday, November 17th at 11am, we will be launching the first in a series of conversations we’ll have as a church family surrounding timely and sensitive issues in the Church and culture today. The goal of these gatherings is three-fold:

1) To become better equipped to enter the cultural conversations around us,

2) to become more productive in our disagreements, and

3) learning to value unity over victory without compromising our convictions.

Register Here to indicate interest for a second round of Terra Talks (the first is at capacity and no longer open for current registrations).

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