30 Aug 2023

September 2023 Calendar | Month at a Glance

Wondering what’s happening around the Terra Nova Saratoga community this month? Check out our Month-at-a-Glance calendar, and the registration links below to help you stay in the loop! For quick access to all our event registrations, head HERE

  • Sunday, Sept 10  | Annual Church Picnic + Potluck – details and potluck signup HERE
  • Thus-Sat, Sept 21-23 | Network Imago Retreat Registration Open (Info HERE)
  • Thursday, Sept 28 | Neos Fall Block Begins  through 11/9; 6:30-8:15pm at FBC Downstairs
  • Saturday, Sept  30 | Poiema Women’s Prayer Walk; 2-4pm at Anchor Diamond Park  (Info HERE)
  • Ongoing this month | Saratoga Poiema Retreat Registration Open (Info HERE) – closes 10/1

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Pastor Matt or our Administrative Assistant, Amber.

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