19 Mar 2018

Questions from “Triumphal Entry & Passover” Sermon

Terra family,

Some of you have asked to have the questions posed at the end of yesterday’s sermon made available for further consideration.

The theme from yesterday explored the “evidences for a true subject of King Jesus”, in light of the Triumphal Entry and Passover events during the Passion week.

Here are the questions:

“Is there anything in your life that you’re unwilling to hold with an open hand? If so, what is keeping you from letting go?” (Remember, Jesus is Lord of all. Colossians 1:16)

“Is there something God has called you to do, or promised to provide, where you need to risk stepping out in faith?” (Remember, Jesus is sovereign / in control. Matthew 10:29-31)

“Are you afraid of how people might respond if you publicly make known your allegiance to him as King?” (Remember, Jesus will not put us to shame. Romans 10:11)

“Is there a truth God has revealed that you’re reluctant to embrace?” (Trust in Jesus as the true source of abundant life. John 10:10)

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