04 Mar 2020

Practicing His Presence this Lent

Terra Fam,

This Lent I’m reading “Practicing His Presence,” a compilation of writings from two men whose legacies included leaving an example and path for others to following in pursuing greater intimacy with God.

It may be something you would like to read along with me this Lent. If so, you can use the link HERE to purchase the edition I’m using, or purchase one of the remaining copies we already have for $5 this Sunday. The idea is to gather sometime after Easter and discuss the book, for any who are interested— so be sure to let me know if you picked up a copy! You can email me HERE.

Gene Edwards gives a great forward to this edition that touches briefly on the two authors, but more so on the value of these writings, and in particular the most beneficial context to explore and seek to live out these writings— together in the local church!

“This book carries the testimony of two men’s unique relationship with God… walking in the awareness of the presence of Christ… just as Christ walked about on earth, constantly aware of His Father.

Is such a relationship obtainable? Is it desirable? Is this experience central to the Christian Life??

The idea of living in the constant awareness of Christ has seemed so far-fetched that it has been generally discarded as hopelessly unobtainable. It really isn’t! But if it is obtainable, why then has such a relationship to the Lord rarely been found among Christians during the last 2,000 years? The answer to that is very simple. Coming into a deep, constant awareness of Christ is a revelation unknown to most Christians. You do not seek after something that you do not know even exists.

Secondly, practicing a constant fellowship with Christ has very rarely been experienced by any but a few men, isolated from others who shared such an experience.

So what has been missing? A corporate endeavor! A group of men and women together seeking to know nothing but Christ. This is what has been missing. This, the corporate venture, is what makes the difference… this is what takes away the difficulty. To put it more practically, when a group of people, standing together with one another, seek to live constantly in fellowship with Christ, suddenly the impossible is very obtainable.

This book was originally put together for just such a group of people. It was prepared for about 120 people who wanted to experience together what Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach knew individually. The book is passed on to you with this word: The message of this book is for people in a practical experience of the church— the body of Christ. This wonderful relationship to Christ was never intended for the individual to seek alone nor to find alone. This relationship is for the church!! But when I say church, I speak of those few people who have had the privilege of living in the atmosphere of something called ‘church life’.

You may wish to read the story of ‘The Early Church’ to better appreciate what was lived out in the lives of first century believers. It is our goal to see that same experience known again, corporately, by the believers of our own day.”

~ Gene Edwards (from the forward)

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