07 Dec 2017

Love146 Advent Fund

Terra Family,

As we prepare our hearts with anticipation during the season of Advent, one truth we contemplate is the infinite generosity of the Father in giving the gift of His Son to the world. When we give sacrificially, it can stir our hearts with deeper gratitude as we engage in generosity ourselves. So, each Advent we typically place a special focus on how we can do this as a church…

This year we have the opportunity to come alongside Love146 with our time and / or money in support of their aim to end child trafficking and exploitation – both around the world and at home. You can do this through your financial support, or through joining the local volunteer team, which works to raise awareness in a variety of ways to this evil that exists right here in the Capital Region.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can volunteer, stop by the Love146 table in the lobby after church any time during Advent.  If you’d like to give financially, you can text an amount plus “Advent Fund” to 84321 (ex: $10 Advent Fund). Or, you can contribute to our special offering that we’ll be taking on Christmas Eve. The money will go directly to the survivor care Love146 is involved with in the Philippines. (See more info on the Round Home and White Homes, which provide aftercare to girls and boys respectively through both a demonstration and proclamation of the Gospel.)

A few short videos to find out more about Love146:

Pastor Paul Gordon (Terra North Adams) interviewed the director of the Round Home on his trip to the Philippines a couple years ago:

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