12 Sep 2018

FBC’s Stained-Glass Preservation Fund

Terra family,

Since January of 2013, Terra Nova has rented our gathering space from the First Baptist Church, and at a very reasonable rate that has freed us up to grow and invest in other ministries. One of the difficulties of renting a historic church is that the years bring wear and tear on the facility that need to be addressed— and it is expensive. For the last few years, FBC has known that there are issues with the stained-glass windows that need to be addressed in order for them to remain not only beautiful, but more importantly, functional! Over the years, the heat from the sun that gets trapped between the inner and outer window panels has caused the lead to slowly melt and warp, which very soon will become problematic.

This past year FBC has been working hard to win several grants that are available, and has secured a 5k grant, and is in the process of working on another. In order to address the first window that is in the most serious condition, a total of 20k needs to be raised (in addition to the 5k grant). The local artisan who works with stained glass is beginning the restoration work this fall, but will need the additional money in order to complete the window. He has also agreed by virtue of FBC utilizing his services that he will restore the three smaller windows in the front of the church for free, which is thousands of dollars worth of work.

While Terra Nova are renters, this space is only viable for us to remain in as long as it is safe and functional. And while FBC is working hard to raise the funds to address the various needs (especially at this point the windows), they are a church 1/5 our size, and are looking to others for help.

With the assistance of the Saratoga Historical Preservation society, FBC has sent out 2,000 letters to the community, and already has received multiple financial donations; several smaller, but some in the amount of $500 – 1k. They have asked if the leadership at Terra Nova would be willing to share this need with our congregation, which of course we are.

Their goal is for organizations who contribute is a benchmark of at least $500, which I think we could raise easily. It will show that we care about FBC, and will help the space we call home to remain viable for worship and ministry for years to come.

Please consider contributing in any amount toward a collective donation that Terra Nova will give to FBC’s stained-glass window reparation fund. Donations can be made HERE to the “Preservation Fund”, and will be taken through the end of September.

For more information on the work that is being done, please see the attached letter by our friends at FBC to various people and organizations of Saratoga Springs.


Daniel Williams
(Lead Pastor, Terra Nova Church)

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