07 Jul 2020

Church Reopening Plan and Protocols

Terra family,

If you’ve not already, and are planning join us this Sunday for our first service back in FBC, please be sure to respond to the registration link already sent to you in a separate email. Please email amber@terranovachurch.org with questions.

Please also be sure to read the policy for regathering HERE. In this doc, you’ll find all of the essentials. However, if you’re interested in reading the full, much more detailed version (that we have to have on file for NYS / FBC), you can find it on the “Updates & Resources” post on our website.

Please understand that the expectation is that you will follow these guidelines if you plan to join us for worship. The elders have prayerfully determined this course of action because we believe it to be what most honors what is being asked of us (NYS, FBC), is safest for our people, best protects the reputation of our church, and best promotes unity within our church.

If you are unable to follow any of these policies for medical reasons (e.g. masks), please reach out to us in advance to make us aware. If you are unwilling to follow any of these policies, please do not attend at this time.

On a less formal note, we are really looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of regathering! It will look and feel different in some ways. But where the Church has faced hurdles and adversity historically, it has thrived when the people rally together around Christ above all. We have hope for the same in our own time, and in our own church.

Onward with Him, together.
Pastors Daniel & Matt

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