01 Jun 2021

June 2021 | Church Safety Protocols and Covid Updates

In effort to continue meeting each Sunday in person and abide by local and state protocols, we have adjusted some of the ways in which we approach our time in worship together. Please read over these in order to become familiar with what Sundays look like at Terra Saratoga right now.

One of the biggest adjustments currently is that we are operating with two Sunday services, at 9am and 10:30am. In order to best plan for seating and spacing, registration in advance is required. Registration emails are sent out weekly, and you can find our church’s permanent events link HERE. Please email amber@terranovachurch.org with questions, or to be added to the weekly email list.

Please also be sure to read the policy for our gatherings: A Way Forward Quick Glance. In this doc, you’ll find all of the essentials. However, if you’re interested in reading the full, much more detailed version (that we have to have on file for NYS / FBC), you can find it on the “Updates & Resources” post on our website, under “Covid19 Plan Updated: A Way Forward.”

Please understand that the expectation is that you will follow these guidelines if you plan to join us for worship. The elders have prayerfully determined this course of action because we believe it to be what most honors what is being asked of us (NYS, FBC), is safest for our people, best protects the reputation of our church, and best promotes unity within our church.

If you are unable to follow any of these policies for medical reasons, please reach out to us in advance to make us aware. If you are unwilling to follow any of these policies, please do not attend at this time.

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