11 Dec 2021

Advent Giving 2021 | LyfePact and YoungLives Saratoga

Each year, we take time as a congregation to focus on the needs of those in our community. We have partnered with several very wonderful local organizations, and this year is no different. We are partnering this Advent with YoungLives Saratoga : an organization that seeks to provide support, encouragement, and mentoring for young mothers and their children. YoungLives Saratoga has started a new outlet called Lyfepact, which aims to specifically provide for the physical needs of mothers and their children. Check out their videos HERE and HERE.

You can help in two ways this Advent. The first is by giving money through our giving link and selecting “Advent Special Giving” in the dropdown menu. All funds directed to this account will be given directly to LyfePact. The second way to support is by shopping off the registry. The registry link on Amazon is HERE.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lyfepact or YoungLives, you can reach out to Pastor Matt or the YoungLives Director Juli Bickley.

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