07 Dec 2020

Advent Giving 2020 | Week 1

Each year, we take time as a congregation to focus on the needs of those in our community. We have partnered with several very wonderful local organizations, and this year is no different. We are partnering this Advent with YoungLives Saratoga : an organization that seeks to provide support, encouragement, and mentoring for young mothers and their children. We will have a special focus each week for giving, which is as follows:

  • December 6-13: Gift Registry Items and/or Gift Cards for grocery stores
  • December 14-20: Pray for and give Christmas Cards to YoungLives families
  • December 21-24: Special giving to bless Next Steps: a new crisis pregnancy center in Queensbury

You can find the Gift Registry HERE – if you need information about where to send items or how to get them to the right place, please reach out to Pastor Matt (matt@terranovachurch.org). You can also bring items to the church on Sundays and we can be sure to get them to YoungLives!

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