17 Mar 2019

1 Corinthians 13 Questions

Terra Family,

Below are the Diagnostic and Contemplative questions from the message today on 1 Corinthians 13. Spend some time pressing into these with the Lord this week… I think you’ll find it fruitful. May He pour out His love in your heart.


(Vs. 4a) “Love is patient and kind…”

Diagnostic Question: “Where have you drawn a line in your heart where a person in your life is no longer worthy of you showing kindness? Where have you determined that a cold shoulder is justified?”

Contemplative Question: “Where do you feel God has drawn a line in extending kindness toward you? And on what basis do you believe this to be true?”


(Vs. 6) “[Love] does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.”

Diagnostic Question: “Where are you tempted to avoid the hard conversation because of the inconvenience it may cause you, or the rejection you might face from the person on the other end?”

Contemplative Question: “Where has God revealed a painful truth to you that has ultimately led to life where it was previously absent?”


(vs. 4b&c) “love does not envy or boast… [love] is not arrogant”

Diagnostic Question: “Do you find yourself unable to rejoice in what others have because you feel it’s unfair that you don’t have it?”

Contemplative Question: “What do you not currently possess that you feel you cannot live without? What about this thing is superior to that which God promises you will one day have?”


(Vs. 5a) “[Love] is not… rude”

Diagnostic Question: “Do you feel entitled to make the rude or demeaning remark because a person isn’t deserving of your respect?”

Contemplative Question: “How would your self-perception change if you were convinced that your value before God exists apart from what you do or don’t do?”


(Vs. 5b) “[Love] does not insist on its own way”

Diagnostic Question: “Do you find yourself manipulating people and situations in order to ensure an outcome that is favorable to you? And do you find yourself often unsettled and disappointed when you don’t get your own way?”

Contemplative Question: “If those things that you desire in this life were no longer an option, would intimacy with God alone be enough to fully satisfy?”


(Vs. 5c) “[Love] is not irritable or resentful”

Diagnostic Question: “Do you find yourself rehearsing someone’s offenses against you over and over in your head, even after you’ve supposedly forgiven them?” (If so, that may be an indicator that there’s a record of wrongs that hasn’t been erased yet from your heart.)

Contemplative Question: “What is greater about the offense that this person has committed against you than the offenses you continue to commit against God?”


(Vs. 7) —

“[Love] bears all things” — bearing another’s burden.

“[Love] endures all things” — bearing a burden that another person creates for you; loving someone, despite the suffering it causes you.

“[Love] believes all things” — believing what a person says. Benefit of the doubt. Believe the best, and ask questions. (New Creation in Christ.)

“[Love] hopes all things” — believe for their redemption because of who our God is and what He has promised. (Eph. 5:26-27; Phil. 1:6)

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