31 Dec 2021

1.2.22 | No Sunday Service

We hope and pray you are all having a lovely Christmastide celebrating and relaxing with family and friends. We were so very blessed to gather together on Christmas Eve for a beautiful night of worship to our King! May we all be meditating on the good news of Jesus’ Gospel and joyfully celebrating his gift of life to all of us.

Over this past week, it’s become apparent that a number of key staff and volunteers have come down with Covid or other illnesses, many of whom won’t be recovered or out of quarantine by Sunday. As a result, we’ve decided cancel church for this Sunday, January 2, both for staffing reasons and in order to allow these families a chance to recover before returning to worship together on January 9. We thank you for your understanding.

Praying for all of you as we approach 2022!


Daniel and Matt

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