22 Nov 2017

Opening This Sunday

We are excited to announce that we open THIS SUNDAY, November 26th at 10am. You will be able to find us at The Green (85 Main St, North Adams, MA)

Going forward, we will be gathering every Sunday morning in downtown North Adams as people of faith. We’d love to invite anyone to come visit with us and ask us about why we follow Jesus.

A Little About Us

We are a new church family starting in North Adams. While we are a new expression of the Church we also desire to remain grounded in the ancient truth and grace of Jesus Christ. We certainly are not reinventing the faith, but we are seeking to creatively express our faith in ways that make sense to our generation so people can find life, place & meaning in Jesus. Our name is Latin for “new earth” and it reminds us to continue to seek fresh ground in following our Lord.

This faith community aspires to be a welcoming home for anyone looking to learn more about Jesus and what He means for your life.

If you have any questions, please ask us. You can email us. You can explore our website. You can come visit with us on Sundays.

We hope to see you around town soon!

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