Welcome Parents

We Would Be Honored to Serve You & Your Children

Currently, as a new & growing church, we welcome children 4-years old through 10-years old to Terra Kids.  We would love to expand our programs to serve additional ages. At this time, children younger than 4-years old we currently remain with the parents during our gatherings.

In our Terra Kids program our aim is to share God’s love and help children live out their faith in the Lord. Whether they are singing Christ-centered songs, learning from age-appropriate Bible lessons, participating in hands-on activities, memorizing Scripture verses, or interacting with others, our goal is to help them know & love Jesus while also being safe and having fun.

Our staff have been screened and trained so that parents can have the confidence to leave them with us while they worship downstairs at The Green. We love kids, and we take seriously the role that we have to come alongside parents in sharing the Good News of Jesus with them. We are excited to serve you and your family.

We come alongside families to make more & better disciples of Jesus in the next generation of the church.


Curriculum & Classes

We use the Gospel Project curriculum which immerses kids in the good news of Jesus through every story, theological concept, and call to mission from Genesis to Revelation. Ultimately, we believe the story of Jesus can change everything; including the transformation of our hearts. Through this curriculum, our children will understand the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story—God’s story of redemption in Jesus!

  • At The Green:
    Children younger than 4 with their parents
  • In Terra Kids Space:
    4-yrs - 10-yrs old

We’d love to expand the range of our Terra Kids programs as more volunteers are available. If you are able to help, email our Operations Director at elizabeth@terranovachurch.org

Sunday Mornings

Our Terra Kids classrooms are located upstairs directly above The Green at 85 Main Street. Volunteers will be onsite to help you find your way.

Weekly Communication

Planning Center is the primary way that we communicate to parents. We ask that all parents/guardians create a Planning Center account in order to properly check your children in each week and receive important communication about your child(ren)’s particular class during the week.

Sunday Communication

Each Sunday you will need to check-in your child(ren) via Planning Center at a kiosk in the lobby of The Green. A volunteer will be available at the there to assist you. You will receive stickers from the printer that will serve as ID for both you and your child(ren) that helps us to insure that they will be picked up by only their parents.

Should we need to contact you during the service we will text you, so please leave your phone on vibrate and have it accessible. We have volunteers who remain at the door each week to provide a friendly and safe environment for our children while parents are in the worship service.


Terra Kids Leadership

Carey Snide
Lead Terra Kids Teacher


Welcome to Terra Kids, where kids gather to grow and learn how to love and follow Jesus Christ. We consider this time we have with you children to be both a great responsibility and a deep joy. At Terra Nova we strive to make this an environment that is safe, friendly, fun, and also intentional for your children. On any given Sunday you will find Terra Kids playing and singing, engaging with a Bible story, praying, and memorizing Scripture, all in a nurturing and energetic atmosphere. Thank you for entrusting your children to us. We look forward to serving you and your family!

I hope to see you there this Sunday!

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