Two Shall Become One

Christian marriage is a life-long commitment of two people to follow after Jesus together.

We believe that christian marriage is the union created by God between one man and one woman in order to glorify God through community, reliance and the provision of the future through children. Christian marriage should be between two believers. It is intended to be a life-long commitment as the couple follows Jesus together.

Marriage can be a wonderful and deeply satisfying commitment. A great marriage does not simply happen. It requires much intentional effort, including willingness from both parties to work at fostering intimacy, nurture and care. The foundation of Christian marriage is the love of God as expressed through Jesus Christ. The relationship of Christ and the Church is emblematic and foundational of marriage. His pursuit of, provision for, and purification of His Church are seen in the Bible as parallel to marriage between a husband and wife.

We love walking along side engaged couples in premarital counseling and then celebrating together on your wedding day.


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Two Shall Become One - Marriage and The Gospel
Two Shall Become One
Marriage and The Gospel

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