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You may not be able to join us on Sunday, however, by financially supporting our work you are part of our community and in this as a church planter with us. We invite you to participate in the future church.

Western New England is home to a rich spiritual heritage that sparked the Great Awakenings and launched the American Missions movement at the Haystack Meeting. Today though, this region is known as the least Biblically aware culture in America.

We long to see a different future for the New England soul and plant a vital church as an agent in redeeming our stories and restoring our places. We want to stand on the shoulders of our ancestors spiritual heritage, yet build a community that makes sense to us; one where its teaching, its music and its art is ours and speaks to our hearts. We long to build a church where people are comfortable finding their way towards Christ from the places they currently find themselves.

We hope to meet people where they are, yet we also hope to point them to a new place to long for. We hope they find new meaning and purpose for their lives. So we will focus on raising up leaders to join us because our goal is not to just plant a church, but to be part of a movement of planting churches. We don’t want a church that will become our children’s museum in a generation. We want to multiply ourselves and build Church communities centered on Jesus, restoring life, place and meaning across Western New England.

We believe this is the work God has called us to in Western New England. Partner with us in accomplishing this work for His glory. We don’t desire to do this work alone. We are dreaming big about what God can do through us for His glory and our good. Please join us.

Meet the Gordons

More about Paul & Nicole

Paul & Nicole returned to their roots in North Adams, MA in the summer of 2016 to begin the journey of planting a new church serving the Berkshires and Western New England. Paul & Nicole are from the greater Capital District area of NY and Paul’s extended family has roots in Lanesborough & North Adams, MA which explains why this family loves the Red Sox!

Paul serves as the Executive Pastor for the Terra Nova Network of churches and has served as a pastor for Terra Nova Troy since 2010. Paul has received pastoral training through Terra Nova and has been assessed through Converge Worldwide and the Acts 29 Network. Paul holds a B.S. in Accounting and a MBA in Finance and spent 14 years in Public Accounting & Corporate Banking in Albany, NY and New York, NY before following a call to pastoral ministry. Nicole holds a PharmD from Albany College of Pharmacy and has been working in a hospital pharmacy setting for 7 years.

Paul & Nicole have been married for 12 years and have one daughter and one son, Margot & Elgin. The whole family loves the outdoors, exploring the areas top notch museums, shopping at the Farmers’ Markets and exploring all the State Parks and natural beauty the Berkshires has to offer.

Paul & Nicole love the Church and God’s Word and would love to meet you and walk alongside you in life as we all seek to know God more fully and follow Him more faithfully.  Please feel free to email either Paul or Nicole to learn more.

Meet the Gordons

More about Paul & Nicole

Meet the Klass’

More about Dave & Rebekah

Dave and his wife, Rebekah, returned back to the Northeast in 2016 to serve in ministry and join our church planting work here in North Adams. Dave serves as our Discipleship & Operations Pastor and primarily oversees our growing Children’s & Youth ministry and the logistics and hospitality of our Sunday Gatherings.

Dave has been in ministry in several different places including North Adams. Back in 2007, during his time as a student at MCLA, he helped to create the MCLA Christian Fellowship. Although Dave enjoyed his time in North Adams he never expected that God would call him back a decade later to help plant a church. However, Dave & Rebekah felt they had a clear calling from the Lord to be a part of helping to make more and better disciples here in North Adams.

Prior to this, Dave served as the Pastor of Youth and Connections at a church in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Dave served there for nearly four years after finishing his Masters in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University.

Dave and Rebekah have been married since June of 2010, and they have two little girls: Elinoah and Seraphim. Dave primarily grew up the Chicago area and Rebekah in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY. They love to binge watch “The Office”, root for the Buffalo Bills and New York Yankees, and compete against each other in fantasy football. Rebekah also attended the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute and she loves to use her skills by cooking for family and friends.

Meet the Klass’

More about Dave & Rebekah


Financial Support

Learn more about our financial needs and breakdown in the FAQ below

Current Partners


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you looking to raise this amount of money over 5-years? What is that money going to be used for?

Our goal is to raise $250,000 from outside support for the first year 1 of our church plant. For each of the successive 5-years we are looking to have outside funding scale down by $50,000 each year. This provides time for the new church to grow and mature into its own self-sustaining community.

The funds raised will primarily be used to provide enough funds for 2-3 pastors/staff, facilities to rent, costs to run ministries both within the church and to serve the community around us. The largest of these expenses will be our human resource cost. We are aiming to have 2-3 pastors/staff because we have found in our church planting experience at the Terra Network that planting teams of core leaders at the onset is more successful at planting a new church and sustainable in the long-term.

Additionally, while we are looking for outside partners to support our work for the first 5-years, we also plan to give back from our beginning. As a member of the Terra Network, we will contribute 10% of our general giving towards other church planting efforts and our goal is to use an additional 10% of our general giving to bless and serve the communities we live in.

Can I designate my gift towards a specific ministry or use?

Yes, when you give to Terra Nova in our checkout process, you can designate your gift to the Terra Berkshire church planting fund. At this point, donations to the Terra Berkshire fund will be used to gear up for the full public launch and build reserves.

As we get closer to a launch date we may have more specific needs that will require funding and we will be sure to share those as they arise. Once the church is launched and running, you can designate a gift for a specific ministry or use at any time in accordance with IRS 501(c)3 regulations.

What happens to the money that is raised before the church is publicly launched?

As we receive funding prior to our public launch, or before we begin incurring the full costs of running the church, donations will be used to cover preliminary church planting costs and build reserves. Even in these early days, there are costs such as fundraising costs, printing, web building, assessment training and travel.

For 2016, the Terra Nova Network has committed to pay the salary of Pastor Paul and in 2017 personnel costs will shift to Terra Nova Berkshires.

Is Terra Nova an approved 501(c) 3 organization that I can give tax-deductible gifts toward?

Yes, Terra Nova Church holds its own IRS 501(C)3 approval letter.

Who oversees the finances of Terra Nova Berkshires? How often will you provide status reports?

The finances of Terra Berkshires are managed by our Financial Administrator, Odette Klass, who also serves the Terra Nova Network in a similar capacity.

The elders of the Terra Nova Network & our Advisory & Accountability Council currently oversee the finances of Terra Nova Berkshires until we can identify and raise up local elders to oversee this piece of the new church.

The elders of Terra Nova receive quarterly financial reports and Terra Nova produces annual reports for the church. We will be updating the fundraising status of Terra Berkshires here on our website through the interactive graphic above.

If you have any questions please email Odette and she can assist you.

What is the financial relationship between Terra Nova North Adams and the Terra Nova Network?

In 2016, while we prepare to plant a church in the Berkshires, the Terra Nova Network will be providing a salary and compensation to Pastor Paul, the Lead Church Pastor. The salary was approved and set aside by the elders of the Network at the onset of 2016. This investment, or seed money towards the Berkshires, is allowing Pastor Paul to focus on building community and planting the church.

Beginning in January 2017, the Network will provide $24,000 per year, for three years, to Terra Nova Berkshires to help invest into its future. This funding is included in our fundraising totals shown above.

In return, as a member church of the Network, Terra Nova Berkshires will contribute 10% of general giving back to the Network as we will be participating with the other Terra Nova churches in our vision and strategy for planting churches. Terra Nova Berkshires will start giving 10% back to the Network immediately when we launch and we will continue to give 10% per year as we grow and mature.

Why is a church plant needed in the Berkshires?

If you spend enough time in Western New England, you will see many church buildings in cities and towns that speak of a rich spiritual legacy in New England from our forefathers. However, today this area is known as one of the most biblically illiterate and unchurched regions of the United States.

We believe the Berkshires need a church plant because we need a place where God’s eternal, life giving story is lived out and God is worshiped in ways that make sense in our time.  In a church like Terra Nova we have found authentic, modern community that is transformational and life giving. We desire to plant a church so we can build a community and share that experience and faith journey with others.

Where is the church going to be located?

At this point, we feel confident that God has called us to plant our first church in Western New England in North Adams, MA to be a part of, and serve the people of Northern Berkshire County. While we don’t currently have a permanent gathering location, our desire is to begin gathering in places where community is already happening. We want to be a part of the community and be where people are, not expect people to come find us in the more traditional church setting.

As we build towards being able to gather every Sunday morning for worship, we are gathering every other Sunday (email Pastor Paul for more information), and also in homes scattered around northern Berkshire county on a regular basis in our Tribes. Our goal is to be a church of Tribes, not a church with Tribes so please come join our Tribes as we plant a church. You can follow our news and events posts as well.

When will the church be launched?

Currently, we meet every other Sunday for worship. You can find more information by emailing Pastor Paul.

We hope to launch public Worship services in the fall of 2017. Feel free to interact with our brief timeline.

And while we think it is important for the church to gather regularly for teaching, worship, and fellowship; the church is also about its people. Therefore, in a sense the church is already gathering regularly in small groups called Tribes around the Berkshires currently. Come join us!

To which denomination or group does Terra Nova belong?

Terra Nova Church in the Berkshires is a part of the Terra Nova Network of churches. Terra Nova is also a member church of the Acts 29 Network and Converge. Paul Gordon, the Lead Pastor, also serves as the Executive Pastor of the Terra Nova Network, an has been assessed by Acts 29 and Converge Northeast.

How can people join in this work?

You can partner with us in three primary ways:

First, you can come join us and do life with us. Either, gather with us on Sundays or in the context of our small groups, Tribes. Be sure to stay tuned to our news & events as well. 

Second, you can join us by financially supporting our work and helping to invest into the future of this church. Over the next 12-18 months we will be gathering provisions to help plant our church.

Third, please join us in prayer for our efforts. We know that unless the Lord builds this community, we labor in vain. So, we are consistently seeking His guidance in order to stay in step with His Spirit. To receive our regular prayer updates you can text “TNCBerkshires” to 86677.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

If you have any questions, please email Pastor Paul Gordon. If you have financial questions, you can also email our Financial Administrator, Odette Klass.

Who is welcomed to be a part of this faith community?

This church community is open to everyone. At some point in our lives, all of us were far from God. Yet, Christ came to seek and save each of us, even when we were far from Him. When we embrace this radical invitation from Him, we find the place we truly belong. Therefore, we hope this community is welcoming to folks who don’t yet know this truth, are just starting to realize it, and those who have been following Jesus for some time. 

We desire creative worship, transparency, vulnerability and authenticity in our pilgrim journeys. We aspire to what the Bible calls us to as we try and redeem flawed community; things such as love, unity, truth, grace, compassion and forgiveness.

We welcome you to come and see how we try to live out our faith in Jesus.

To whom is the leadership of Terra Berkshires accountable?

Ultimately, we believe that we are accountable to our Chief Shepherd and the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ.

Additionally, as part of the Terra Nova Network, we are represented at and held accountable to the elders of the Terra Network.

Further, we have set up an Advisory & Accountability Council to oversee our work until we have local elders for our church. Currently serving on this Council is Ed Marcelle, Steve Klass and Denny Sant.

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