05 Oct 2017

Meet the Hills

“Meet the Hills” is the third in a series of interviews written by Elizabeth Nasman about families and people who call Terra Nova home. The church is a family and we hope this helps you to meet our family members. Thank you for reading and follow along with our other stories in the News section of our website.

The best word to describe Austin and Elizabeth Hill is goofy, but goofy in that good, wanna be a part of it way. And this makes sense; the Hills describe themselves as just big kids, juvenile in spirit. They don’t take themselves too seriously and love having fun together as best friends and as husband and wife. With their eyes set on Christ, the little things in life don’t bother them, and their desire to be goofy is contagious. You cannot help but laugh along with the Hills, they are jokesters at their cores.

Austin, 23, and Elizabeth, 24, live in Cheshire, Massachusetts with their two cats Rosco and Odin. Elizabeth grew up in Memphis. During high school, her family relocated to Poughkeepsie, New York to plant a church. Austin lived in various states throughout his childhood and during his teen years his family also ended up in Poughkeepsie. Austin and Elizabeth met through their high school marching band. Elizabeth ended up inviting Austin to a club she was starting in school, and eventually it was revealed that Austin played bass and Austin’s brother the drums. Elizabeth invited them both to be members of the worship team at the church plant. And it was through leading worship that Austin and Elizabeth became best friends, and eventually began dating. After high school, Austin attended Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, and the summer before his senior year there he married Elizabeth. They have lived in Berkshire County ever since.

Austin works at General Dynamics as a Software Engineer. Elizabeth is studying Pastoral Ministry online through Ohio Christian University, and she also currently serves as a worship leading intern at Terra Nova. Both Austin and Elizabeth are heavily involved with the worship team. Elizabeth, having spent a year at Hillsong College in Australia studying music, is one of three worship leaders in North Adams. When she isn’t leading, she is supporting the team with her vocals, guitar and keyboard. Austin plays bass, banjo and guitar. The Hills believe strongly that their musical capabilities are gifts from God, and therefore they make use of these gifts to serve the church as their way of being obedient to God’s calling in their lives. Playing in worship teams across numerous states and countries has allowed them to serve the church in a global way, and has played a big part in their own spiritual growth.

Austin and Elizabeth desire radical revival of the city of North Adams. Just as the FreshGrass Festival takes over the city every September, the Hills want to see Christ take over the city in the same way. They desire the city to have new life breathed into it, and in that new life, they hope to see more area churches working together for the shared goal of making and strengthening disciples. The Hills take this seriously, and have oftentimes loaned their musical abilities to local churches. They have played at Lakeside Christian Camp, First Baptist Church (North Adams), and Living Water Church in Lagrangeville, New York.

Outside of church, Austin enjoys skateboarding, and has been very excited about the opening of Unity Skate Park, in North Adams. He also collects and builds computer keyboards, a hobby that came easily to him as he spends nine hours a day using one for his work. Elizabeth spends her free time learning about and practicing holistic and zero waste living. She also enjoys crafting and makes a wreath for every season. Together the two like to hike and thrift shop. Thrift shopping is important to the Hills because its one way they gain insight into their community. Because every community is different, every thrift shop tells a story of the people around it, and the Hills crave learning these secrets of the place they call home.


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