07 Aug 2017

Meet the Coughlins

“Meet the Coughlins” is the first in a series of interviews written by Elizabeth Nasman about families and people who call Terra Nova home. The church is a family and we hope this helps you to meet our family members. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more in the near future.

When I walked up to Brian and Emily’s front door I was immediately greeted by the friendly barking of their dog Chloe. Chloe is tan, friendly, and always wants to play. And then, after letting myself in, I was greeted again by the smiling face of their soon to be two-year-old daughter, Ruby Jane. Ruby smiles more than she cries; she is an incredibly happy little girl who will steal your heart the first time you lock eyes with her.

Brian, 28, and Emily, 26, have created a warm and inviting home for their small family. Both are natives of Berkshire County. Emily grew up in Pittsfield, not far from Berkshire Community College. Brian grew up in the town of Peru, one of 8 towns that make up the Eastern border of the county. They have called Pittsfield home for two years now. Both are highly knowledgeable about the goings-on in Berkshire County. Ask them for a recommendation of any sort; Chinese food, coffee, where to catch a movie, the best place to hike, and they will undoubtedly have an answer for you. The Coughlin’s are Terra Nova North Adams resident Berkshire County experts.

Emily has been with Terra Nova Church since 2011 and Brian since 2013. The Coughlin’s were both drawn to Terra Nova by the way the church invested in its people, and also by the sounds and sights; Brian and Emily agree that there is a funky uniqueness in the people of Terra and how they present themselves and they have especially loved the worship sets.

They were excited when the Berkshire Tribe first launched and now serve the church by hosting the Pittsfield Tribe at their home every other week. They also are always willing to open their homes for bonfires, game nights, and movie nights.

The hearts Brian and Emily have for the people they interact with are huge. Emily loves serving new mothers and babies. As a young mother herself, she has seen a lack of resources available to help mothers take on this new journey. To help bridge that gap, Emily makes herself available to serve these mothers as much as she can; bring them food, share her knowledge of breastfeeding or even passing along unused clothes or cloth diapers. Her desire is to see young mothers and their babies feel supported by the community and to not feel alone and isolated.

Brian also has a strong heart for his community. He likes to focus on helping people make positive and lasting changes in their lives. His hope for the community is that drug and alcohol abuses are brought to light and that he gets to see the community overcome these issues. He prays that Jesus would use him to help be that change. Having worked at Guido’s Fresh Marketplace on and off for a majority of his life, Brian has seen how people can change and wants to continue to be a positive light in the community.

Outside of the church, Brian and Emily have many interests. They love working on what they refer to as their fixer upper home, watching airplanes take off at the Pittsfield Airport and find joy in the act of collecting, and also gifting, rocks. Their favorite place to grab a drink and listen to music, Mission Bar + Tapas, is right around the corner from their home. This summer, you can catch the Coughlin’s at FreshGrass, a bluegrass festival in North Adams.

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