07 Nov 2017

Meet the Cables

“Meet the Cables” is part of a series of interviews written by Elizabeth Nasman about families and people who call Terra Nova home. The church is a family we’d love to invite you to be a part of and we hope this helps you to meet our family members. Thank you for reading and be sure to follow along with our other stories in the News section of our website.

When I got to the Cables house, in Lee, I could see them finishing up their dinner through the kitchen window. I knocked gently on their front door to let them know I had arrived and was greeted by their two dogs. The dogs barked at first to protect their family, and then recognized me, switched tones, and began whining for me to pet them. I gave in to their desires almost immediately, allowing Chloe and Loddy to welcome me into the home they protect.

If I have learned one thing about going to visit Chris and Christina Cable, it is to go to their home with an empty stomach. After saying hello and settling in at the dinner table with them, I was immediately offered some dinner and some dessert. I accepted a slice of apple pie that Christina had baked, and finished it off quickly.

Chris, 26, works as an aircraft technician at Pittsfield Municipal Airport. This means he inspects all aspects of an aircraft and ensures it is ready to be flown. If the aircraft is not in top condition, Chris repairs what needs to be fixed. Chris likes working with his hands and likes learning new technical skills, and his job provides an outlet for him to gain more knowledge and experience in that. Christina, 37, currently stays at home to care for their 10 month old son Emmett. Her previous careers have included: campus ministry, managing a Target store, slinging coffee as a barista, and working at a spa as an esthetician.

Chris and Christina are Berkshire County transplants. Coming from Upstate New York, they had attended Terra Nova for many years, and it was there that they met and eventually began dating. After they married, the two lived in Albany for a year. Upon hearing that Terra Nova was launching a third church in the Berkshires, the Cables felt comfortable moving to Lee, to be closer to Chris’s job.

The Cables are very active in the church. They have volunteered in many roles; Chris is currently one of three worship leaders, but the two of them have filled many shoes. They have participated in set up and tear down, greeting, and serving communion. Christina has also worked with Terra Kids. The Cables take is their goal is to set a positive, fun, and welcoming attitude for church services.

It’s clear through talking with them that the Cables genuinely love people. Chris and Christina, from the bottom of their hearts, want every believer, and non-believer alike, to know and feel joy. From that abundance of joy, they want unity for their community. As residents of Lee, Chris and Christina have seen division within their community, and they pray that each person would be able to move beyond their differences to come together as one body. The Cables believe that unity and common ground can be found between even the most different people, if only those people are willing to try. The Cables are more than willing to try. One way they have fostered a sense of unity is by starting a hiking group. The group meets about once a month, and anyone can attend. It’s a chance for people from all walks of life to come together and learn what someone from a different place in life might be going through. Chris believes this is a way to bridge the gap between the Christian and non-Christian communities in the area and let both groups see how much they actually have in common. Christina works in small ways in her community to make a difference to. She is famous for loving the Lee community through baking, where she gifts her neighbors with homemade cookies and breads. She can also been seen smiling while walking through town.

I’ve had the unique pleasure of knowing the Cables for about three years and being in Tribe with them for just over one. And it is so clear that they want to love their community. They carry the burdens of their community for the sake of others drawing closer to Christ. Chris and Christina have played a part in the transformation of many people they have crossed paths with, and it is a true blessing to have them in the church.

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