06 Mar 2018

Easter Season

Each year the Church celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. As a new church on Main Street in North Adams, we look forward to joining this tradition by walking through the story in new ways that hopefully speak to our lives today.

Anyone is welcome to come and join us as we explore this timeless story through various creative & participatory arts, teaching, songs and even sharing a “meal” together.

The Passover

Sunday, March 18th :: 10am :: @ The Green (85 Main St)

On this Sunday, Pastor Dave will speak out of his Jewish background and lead us through a Passover Seder. Our hope is to learn about Passover & the Last Supper and their connections to the life & death of Jesus Christ. This is a highly participatory event for children, so there will be no Terra Kids programming this Sunday.

The Crucifixion

Sunday, March 25 :: 10am :: @ The Green

We will be teaching about the death and sacrifice that we believe Christ accomplished for all of us on the cross. The day will include visual artwork by Halie Smith, songs and a contemplative time of confession at the foot of a cross.

The Resurrection

Easter Sunday, April 1st :: 10am :: @The Green

The Apostle Paul tells us that if the resurrection of Jesus did not take place, than our faith is in vain. So, we will explore the resurrection and what that means for our faith, our identity and our hope for a new life. The day will include spoken word, film, and songs.

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