Nicole Gordon
Poiema Coordinator

Jesus follower. Wife. Mom. Pharmacist. Twin. Happy Camper. Chocolate Fan.

Nicole has been following Jesus in faith since she was a teenager. She’s been married to Paul since 2005 and is the mom of one daughter and one son.

Nicole works full-time as an In-Patient Pharmacist for Berkshire Health System and spends her time between BMC in Pittsfield and the Satellite Facility in North Adams. She graduated with a Pharm.D. from Albany College of Pharmacy in 2009.

Nicole has been part of the Terra Nova family since 2006 when she and Paul started attending Terra in Troy, NY.  Over the years Nicole has helped lead small groups, Poiema events & programs, played bass in worship bands, and even tried her hand with spoken word. Really, she’s ready to serve in any way she may be needed.

Nicole especially enjoys long, meaningful chats with other ladies over tea/chai, going for hikes with her “pupper-dog” and purging old stuff from her home. 

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