08 Aug 2016

Meet Our Operations Director

This summer Dennis Gardner began the full-time role of Operations Director here in Troy.

There are a few faces that have been around the Terra Nova community before it was ever Terra Nova Church. Those were the pioneer families of a church-plant core group almost a dozen years ago. Dennis Gardner has been around from those days. A familiar face to us as one of our worship leaders in Troy, he and his wife, Rachael, have been serving together as Tribe leaders and on worship teams since then.

The occasion for Dennis to work for Terra evolved organically through an opportunity taken to serve the Church and honor the Lord. When unexpectedly becoming out-of-work left his days free, Dennis approached the pastors and offered his services on a regular schedule as a volunteer. His gifts lent to Terra’s emerging need for administration & management such that it became an opportune lead into full-time work.

Dennis has a degree in Health Information Management from Alfred State College. A native of Long Island, NY, he has lived in the area for 26 years. Dennis and Rachael have been married for 14 years and they have two sons, Edmund (8) and Adam (6).

Dennis Gardner Trivia:
He is Terra’s resident Beatle’s expert. He and Rachael once performed Beatles covers under the name “The Octopus’ Gardners.”

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