08 Jun 2018

Giving a Testimony – Knowing 2 Stories

In Acts 26 the Apostle Paul talks of God’s redemptive plan by way of his own testimony of redemption on the Road to Damascus (as found in Acts 9). Every follower of Christ can/should reflect on how the Lord brought him/her to faith and then be able to articulate that story alongside the greater redemptive plan of God.

As a follow-up to Pastor Ed’s June 10, 2018 sermon (which can be watched here on YouTube in case you missed it), please be encouraged to download a 2-page PDF file that can serve as a guide/exercise to articulate your personal redemptive story (testimony) that can both reveal God’s providence in your life, and serve as a tool for evangelism.

Download the PDF here:
Giving a Testimony Tool – Knowing 2 Stories


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