Tory Arnesen
Lead Pastor

Pastor Tory is the primary preacher and teacher at Terra Nova Troy. He writes the majority of our preview notes, which enables our churches to plan ahead for our worship services and tribe gatherings. Pastor Tory started our first young adult group here at Terra Nova. Other roles for him include tribe coaching, tribe leading, and overseeing our pre-service prayer on Sundays. 

Pastor Tory was raised in a Christian home. He came to faith in Christ at the age of eight and barely remembers life without a relationship with the Lord. Tremendous growth began in his faith journey at the end of college through tremendous loss. The Lord grew his passion and hope in Him, which led to Liberty University School of Divinity where he received his M-Div, Pre-PhD. Pastor Tory served as a pastoral resident at Terra for 2 years and was ordained here. Through Terra, he met his wife, Anna Wiersma.  Together, they look forward to serving our people and city.

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