Rob Keparutis
Worship Arts & Executive Pastor

My journey started more than 20 years ago when I first started leading worship at a local church in the Capital District. Interim worship leader is not as glamorous as it sounds but it is the place where I cut my teeth on leading worship. As much as I thought that was my time to break into full time ministry as a worship leader, God had a different timeline in mind.

I would spend the next 16 years working in the car dealer service industry while God prepared me for my next phase of life. All the while I was working as service advisor, I was continuing to lead worship and develop my craft.

2013 was big transition year for the direction that God was going to take me. February 2013 I started leading worship at Terra every week while continuing to work full time as a service advisor until the glorious day of May 12th, 2013 came along when God choose to bring me into full time ministry as the Worship Arts Director at Terra. Two years later, after going through the Leadership Collective at Terra, I was ordained as an Elder/Pastor of Terra Nova Church. Bringing to fruition a long 20 year journey that God knew I needed to make me ready for such a time as this.

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