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The Meaningful Life

Resurrection Sunday 2022: The Gift of Life

The Valley of Death

Jesus Chooses Death

Mankind Chooses Death

Battle of the Wills

A Picture of Life with Jesus

What Do You Choose: Life With or Without Jesus?

The Judge of our Head, Heart & Hands

Have These Hands: Stewardship

Have This Heart: Come Lord Jesus

Have This In Mind: The End In View

Testing Jesus: The Christ

Testing Jesus : The Law Of Love

Testing Jesus : Resurrection

Testing Jesus: Kingdom Citizenship

Testing Jesus: Eternity

Testing Jesus: Authority

Jesus Curses the Fig Tree

The Triumphal Entry

Jesus Never Stops Serving

Living as Farsighted Disciples

First & Last Kingdom Laborers

Childlike vs Childish


Conflict & Forgiveness

Parable Of The Lost Sheep

Fighting for Fame, or Fighting Sin?

Paying the Temple Tax

Mount of Transfiguration

Suffering & Glory

Who Is Jesus?

Jesus Warns of Distractions

Jesus’ Ministry in the Margins

Gentile vs Jew and the Healer of All

Commandment vs Tradition

Some Miracle: Jesus Healing

Some Miracle: Peter Walking On The Water

Some Miracle: The Feeding of the Five Thousand

Death of John The Baptist

Another Invitation To Receive Jesus

Responding to the King : Jesus’ Family

Family Talk: Hidden Treasure & Great Price

Family Talk: Mustard Seed & Leven

Family Talk : The Weeds

Family Talk: Parables & The Sower

Responding to the King: Spirits

Responding to the King : Fulfillment of God’s Promises

Responding to the King : The Unrepentant & The Invitation

Responding To The King : Pharisees

Responding to the King : John the Baptist

Godly Response: Fear of God + Perseverance

The Lord’s Prayer

Living Before An Audience Of One

Applying the Law : Love Your Enemies

Applying the Law : Retaliation

Applying the Law : Integrity & Oaths

Applying the Law : Lust & Divorce

Applying the Law : Anger

Law & Prophets

Salt & Light

The Beatitudes

First Disciples & First Teaching

Introduction of Public Ministry

Jesus Temptation

John the Baptist

Return from Egypt

Flight into Egypt & Massacre of the Innocents

The Visit of the Magi

The Birth Of Jesus

Jesus’ Genealogy

Follow Along

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