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The Meaningful Life

Resurrection Sunday 2022: The Gift of Life

The Valley of Death

Jesus Chooses Death

Mankind Chooses Death

Battle of the Wills

A Picture of Life with Jesus

What Do You Choose: Life With or Without Jesus?

The Judge of our Head, Heart & Hands

Have These Hands: Stewardship

Have This Heart: Come Lord Jesus

Have This In Mind: The End In View

Testing Jesus: The Christ

Judgement & Compassion

Writing Your Biography

Testing Jesus : The Law Of Love

Testing Jesus : Resurrection

Testing Jesus: Kingdom Citizenship

Testing Jesus: Eternity

Testing Jesus: Authority

A New Temple Is Needed

Jesus Curses the Fig Tree

A Place Of Prayer And Praise

The Triumphal Entry

Jesus Never Stops Serving

Live To Die

Living as Farsighted Disciples

First & Last Kingdom Laborers

Human Fairness vs God’s Grace

Childlike vs Childish


Conflict & Forgiveness

Parable Of The Lost Sheep

Fighting for Fame, or Fighting Sin?

Paying the Temple Tax

Desperation, Demons, and Death

Mount of Transfiguration

Suffering & Glory

Who Is Jesus?

Jesus Warns of Distractions

Jesus’ Ministry in the Margins

Gentile vs Jew and the Healer of All

Commandment vs Tradition

No Sign for Sadducees, No Leaven of their Teaching

Some Miracle: Jesus Healing

Jesus Feeds The 4,000

Some Miracle: Peter Walking On The Water

Some Miracle: The Feeding of the Five Thousand

Death of John The Baptist

Another Invitation To Receive Jesus

Responding to the King : Jesus’ Family

Family Talk: Hidden Treasure & Great Price

Family Talk: Mustard Seed & Leven

Family Talk : The Weeds

Family Talk: Parables & The Sower

Family Talk: The Net

Responding to the King: Spirits

Responding to the King : Fulfillment of God’s Promises

Responding to the King : The Sabbath

Responding To The King : Signs

Responding to the King : Our Demand for More

Responding to the King : The Unrepentant & The Invitation

Responding To The King : Pharisees

Responding to the King : John the Baptist

Godly Response: Fear of God + Perseverance

Instruction and Warning for Past Apostles and Future Disciples

Instruction and Warning for Past Apostles and Future Disciples, Part 2

Discipleship Interlude III – Laborers & The Harvest

Restoration to the Broken, part 2

Restoration to the Broken

Discipleship Interlude 2b – Fasting

Discipleship Interlude 2a: Jesus Calls Sinners

Welcome and Healing to the Marginalized

Peace to the Disturbed

Discipleship Interlude 1 : Cost of Following Jesus

Power & Grace to the Outcasts

Marks Of A Disciple

Prayer & The Golden Rule

Judgement Of Ourselves & Others

Where Are You Storing Your Treasure?

The Lord’s Prayer

Living Before An Audience Of One

Applying the Law : Love Your Enemies

Applying the Law : Retaliation

Applying the Law : Integrity & Oaths

Applying the Law : Lust & Divorce

Applying the Law : Anger

Law & Prophets

Salt & Light

The Beatitudes

First Disciples & First Teaching

Introduction of Public Ministry

Jesus Temptation

John the Baptist

Return from Egypt

Flight into Egypt & Massacre of the Innocents

The Visit of the Magi

The Birth Of Jesus

Jesus’ Genealogy

Follow Along

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