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Current Series


Family Talk : The Weeds

Family Talk: Parables & The Sower

Responding to the King : Jesus’ Family

Responding to the King : The Sabbath

Responding To The King : Signs

Responding to the King : Our Demand for More

Responding to the King : The Unrepentant & The Invitation

Responding To The King : Pharisees

Responding to the King : Fulfillment of God’s promises

Responding to the King : John the Baptist

Godly Response: Fear of God + Perseverance

Instruction and Warning for Past Apostles and Future Disciples

Instruction and Warning for Past Apostles and Future Disciples, Part 2

Discipleship Interlude III – Laborers & The Harvest

Restoration to the Broken, part 2

Restoration to the Broken

Discipleship Interlude 2b – Fasting

Discipleship Interlude 2a: Jesus Calls Sinners

Welcome and Healing to the Marginalized

Peace to the Disturbed

Discipleship Interlude 1 : Cost of Following Jesus

Power & Grace to the Outcasts

Marks Of A Disciple

Prayer & The Golden Rule

Judgement Of Ourselves & Others

Where Are You Storing Your Treasure?

The Lord’s Prayer

Living Before An Audience Of One

Applying the Law : Love Your Enemies

Applying the Law : Retaliation

Applying the Law : Integrity & Oaths

Applying the Law : Lust & Divorce

Applying the Law : Anger

Law & Prophets

Salt & Light

The Beatitudes

First Disciples & First Teaching

Introduction of Public Ministry

Jesus Temptation

John the Baptist

Return from Egypt

Flight into Egypt & Massacre of the Innocents

The Visit of the Magi

The Birth Of Jesus

Jesus’ Genealogy

Follow Along

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