21 Dec 2016

Sunday Gatherings in 2017

Starting in January of 2017 we will gather as a church community every other Sunday morning!

In the fall of 2016, we started to gather as a church on the 1st Sunday of each month. Now we are thrilled to be increasing the frequency of our gatherings. It is our hope that gathering more often we will deepen and expand our community.

Why are we starting a new church in North Adams?

Because we love this city and this region; it is our home. We are excited about the ongoing renewal of culture, the arts and economic stability in our community and we long to see a parallel renewal of faith in Jesus Christ as well.

Our hope is to start a church that stands upon the ancient truth and grace of Christianity, yet upgrades, or renews the way we live as a church within our cities. We’d love to see the church be an agent in reformulating the New England village green; a place with a diversity of people living and moving openly among each other. How can we do that? We envision a church that can gather in multi-use space alongside its neighbors rather than be in traditional, stand-alone church spaces.

We are working hard to bring this idea to reality. And gathering every other Sunday is an important step towards becoming a church that cultivates authentic community and engages creatively to restore life, place, and meaning in our own lives and within our cities.

Feel free to share this news and come join us as we follow Christ together into new places, or … terra nova.

If you have any questions, please email Paul Gordon.

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