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Western New England is home to a rich spiritual heritage that sparked the Great Awakenings and launched the American Missions movement at the Haystack Meeting. Today though, this region is known as the least Biblically literate culture in America.

We long to see a different future for the New England soul and plant a vital church as an agent in redeeming our story and restoring our place. We want to stand on the shoulders of our ancestors spiritual heritage, yet build a community that makes sense to us; one where its teaching, its music and its art is ours and speaks to our hearts. We long to build a church where people are comfortable finding their way towards Christ in the places they currently find themselves.

We hope to meet people where they are, yet we also hope to point them to a new place to long for. We hope they find new meaning and purpose for their lives. So we will focus on raising up leaders to join us because our goal is not to just plant a church, but to be part of a movement of planting churches. We don’t want a church that will become our children’s museum in a generation. We want to multiply ourselves and build Church communities centered on Jesus, restoring life, place and meaning across Western New England.

We believe this is the work God has called us to in Western New England. To accomplish this, we need partners; those willing to invest in us and help launch us. We don’t desire to do this work alone. We are dreaming big about what God can do through us for His glory and our good.  Please join us.


Financial Support

Learn more about our financial needs and breakdown in the FAQ below

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you looking to raise this amount of money over 5-years? What is that money going to be used for?

Our goal is to raise $250,000 from outside support for the first year 1 of our church plant. For each of the successive 5-years we are looking to have outside funding scale down by $50,000 each year. This provides time for the new church to grow and mature into its own self-sustaining community.

The funds raised will primarily be used to provide enough funds for 2-3 pastors/staff, facilities to rent, costs to run ministries both within the church and to serve the community around us. The largest of these expenses will be our human resource cost. We are aiming to have 2-3 pastors/staff because we have found in our church planting experience at the Terra Network that planting teams of core leaders at the onset is more successful at planting a new church and sustainable in the long-term.

Additionally, while we are looking for outside partners to support our work for the first 5-years, we also plan to give back from our beginning. As a member of the Terra Network, we will contribute 10% of our general giving towards other church planting efforts and our goal is to use an additional 10% of our general giving to bless and serve the communities we live in.

Can I designate my gift towards a specific ministry or use?

Yes, when you give to Terra Nova in our checkout process, you can designate your gift to the Terra Berkshire church planting fund. At this point, donations to the Terra Berkshire fund will be used to gear up for the full public launch and build reserves.

As we get closer to a launch date we may have more specific needs that will require funding and we will be sure to share those as they arise. Once the church is launched and running, you can designate a gift for a specific ministry or use at any time in accordance with IRS 501(c)3 regulations.

What happens to the money that is raised before the church is publicly launched?

As we receive funding prior to our public launch, or before we begin incurring the full costs of running the church, donations will be used to cover preliminary church planting costs and build reserves. Even in these early days, there are costs such as fundraising costs, printing, web building, assessment training and travel.

For 2016, the Terra Nova Network has committed to pay the salary of Pastor Paul and in 2017 personnel costs will shift to Terra Nova Berkshires.

Is Terra Nova an approved 501(c) 3 organization that I can give tax-deductible gifts toward?

Yes, Terra Nova Church holds its own IRS 501(C)3 approval letter.

Who oversees the finances of Terra Nova Berkshires? How often will you provide status reports?

The finances of Terra Berkshires are managed by our Financial Administrator, Odette Klass, who also serves the Terra Nova Network in a similar capacity.

The elders of the Terra Nova Network & our Advisory & Accountability Council currently oversee the finances of Terra Nova Berkshires until we can identify and raise up local elders to oversee this piece of the new church.

The elders of Terra Nova receive quarterly financial reports and Terra Nova produces annual reports for the church. We will be updating the fundraising status of Terra Berkshires here on our website through the interactive graphic above.

If you have any questions please email Odette and she can assist you.

What is the financial relationship between Terra Nova Berkshires and the Terra Nova Network?

In 2016, while we prepare to plant a church in the Berkshires, the Terra Nova Network will be providing a salary and compensation to Pastor Paul, the Lead Church Pastor. The salary was approved and set aside by the elders of the Network at the onset of 2016. This investment, or seed money towards the Berkshires, is allowing Pastor Paul to focus on building community and planting the church.

Beginning in January 2017, the Network will provide $24,000 per year, for three years, to Terra Nova Berkshires to help invest into its future. This funding is included in our fundraising totals shown above.

In return, as a member church of the Network, Terra Nova Berkshires will contribute 10% of general giving back to the Network as we will be participating with the other Terra Nova churches in our vision and strategy for planting churches. Terra Nova Berkshires will start giving 10% back to the Network immediately when we launch and we will continue to give 10% per year as we grow and mature.

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