Promises of God Series & Artwork

Original Artwork by Bob Wiegers
Writing by Paul Gordon of Terra Nova North Adams

The Series

Few things in life shake us like suffering. Trials reveal our lack; they force us to search beyond our human ability, answers and ideas. In the midst of our soul’s darkest nights we don’t need the philosophy of men, we need the Promises of God.

This series aims to explore seven Promises of God that can breathe life where death reigns; wisdom when we swim in our folly, faith when our doubts weigh heavy; hope when despair lingers; joy when sorrow permeates. The seven Promises of God we will explore this winter include:

  • His Presence
  • He Welcomes
  • He Listens
  • He Forgives
  • He Helps
  • He Exalts
  • He Restores

This is not a series to “name & claim” promises of God, but to find & cling to promises of God. We want God’s promises to shape our prayers and fuel our hopes.

“God has given no pledge that He will not redeem and encouraged no hope that He will not fulfill”

Charles Spurgeon

The Artist

Bob Wiegers is a hobby abstract artist in Bennington, VT who has also served as a Pastor in Bennington. Bob was commissioned by Terra Nova in 2021 and the image above is a photo of the of art he painted for us.  The original painting is 2’x3’ and is at Terra Nova North Adams. A digital photo of the art has been used to produce this series’ graphics and artwork.

The Art Conceptually

Bob started with 3 scripture texts on the left side (actual photocopies of Bible pages transferred onto the canvas). The scripture words are backwards from our perspective, meaning you need to be “in” the painting in order to read it. The is meant to convey the idea that you sometimes need to be on the other side of the Promises of God to fully understand them & see the whole story. The 3 scriptures taken together “preach a sermon”:

  • Exodus 3, The Burning Bush : The main promise of “I will be with you / I Am”. One can see the burning bush to the right of the scripture pages.
  • Revelation 11 & 12, God’s Temple is Opened & Satan is Defeated : The promise that God will have victory, restore creation and redeem His people. This is represented by the lightning coming down from heaven.
  • John 19 “It is Finished”. The Promise that Jesus’ work secures the whole story. On the far right, there is a Mountain (calvary) & the streak of blood flows from the words “It is Finished” in the scriptures on the left.

Other aspects of the art conceptually:

  • The painting is overlaid with a storm and tears. The moments in life that God’s Promises carry us through.
  • Gold is a primary color representing harvest, sunshine, milk & honey on the other side of our trials and God’s deliverance
  • Agapetos (Beloved) is written & hidden in the clouds as love is the primary motivation of God’s heart towards His people & creation.  
  • The lightning can also be seen as roots. Lightning from heaven is powerful, sudden, & fleeting. Yet, these moments from heaven are the anchoring roots of our life. God’s few words (promises) make a permanent bridge between heaven and earth and form the steady foundation of our hopes.  In a flash of power (lightning/voice of God), we grow a foundation of faith (roots/Word of God).

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