One Another Series & Artwork

Artist : Summer Jennings, Terra Troy

Writing : Matthew Schwartz, Terra Saratoga & Paul Gordon, Terra North Adams

One Another

As followers of Jesus, we are called into a different kind of community. This community called: The Church, is the manifested presence of God through His followers.  For some of us this is a culture we think we know because it’s all we’ve ever known.  For some of us the church is a new idea.  Whoever we are in our journey as a Christ follower, can we learn how to better live unto one another?

After 2 1/2 years in Matthew as a church family focused on the life of Christ;  we now shift our gaze to this series and a focus on what it means to live in Christ as brothers and sisters in His family. Our hope in this this series is for the people of our church families to live in obedience to the King (Matt 22:37-39),  for the care of His people,  and to make God’s love known (John 13:33-34)

It is our desire for this sermon series to be practical and pragmatic, not just philosophical about life in the community of the church. We’ve chosen 8 “One Anothers” and will be focusing our attention here in this series:

  • Love One Another
  • Serve One Another
  • Forebear (Forgive) One Another
  • Comfort One Another
  • Encourage One Another
  • Live at Peace with One Another
  • Be Devoted to One Another
  • Confess to One Another

“Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.”

1 Peter 4:8

The Artist

Summer Jennings, of Terra Nova Troy, is our artist for this sermon series. Summer is an artist, graphic designer, and creative strategist who lives in Menands, NY and recently started working for the New York State Senate. To help us remember this series and its art, we will be giving away stickers that Summer has designed for us!

The Art

Summer designed the artwork for this series appear like watercolor. For anyone who has attempted to paint with watercolor, you may know the difficulty of that medium.  Not enough water and the colors are too thick, goopy, or aggressive. Too much water and the colors are too thin, runny and faded.  Likewise, living out the One Another’s is difficult and requires a delicate balance. We are always wondering; Did I serve enough? Did I confess too much? Did I love adequately? Do I forgive again? There is a delicate balance to living out the One Another’s – just like painting in water colors.

The two primary colors are green and purple.  Green is a color of growth and life; augmented by plants appearing in the scene. Growth in our journey’s of being like Christ comes through community in the church and living out these One Anothers.  Without each other, our maturity in Christ will be stunted.  Purple is a royal color and reminds us that many of these One Another’s are not simply good ideas, or suggestions, but actual commands from our King & Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Additionally, for each One Another Summer also created an icon, which are as follows:


The crown of thorns reminds us that Christ forgave us first and we are to forgive as He has forgiven us.


The open hand symbolizes having a servant’s heart that is always ready to give and serve.

Encourage & Admonish

The poppy represents life & death, things that seem like opposites. At times encouragement and admonishment feel like opposites, yet are two sides of a similar coin.


The key to reconciled relationships is the step of confession.

Live at Peace

The dove is a widely recognized symbol of peace that harkens back to Genesis 8.

Be Devoted To

The rings of tree remind us that living devoted lives is done over the long haul of life.


To provide comfort is often paired with physical touch of a friend, whether a hug or holding someone’s hand.

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