Hebrews Series & Artwork


Summer Jennings [Terra Nova Troy]


Tory Arnesen, Summer Jennings [Terra Nova Troy] & Paul Gordon [Terra Nova North Adams]


Hebrews is a beautiful, yet bewildering piece of the New Testament to most Christians. Terms such as Melchizedek, high priest, Levitical priesthood, holy place, and heavenly temple are ubiquitous throughout the thirteen chapters. Without time and effort, the blessing of this book will remain unappreciated. In 2023 the Family of Terra Nova Churches will explore Hebrews and allow the Lord to acquaint us with its unique way of seeing Jesus Christ.

The message of Hebrews insists that Jesus is worth it all. In a phrase, He is better. The word “better” occurs more times in Hebrews than in the whole of the rest of the NT put together. He is a better prophet, better than angels, better than Moses, and better than the entire structure of the former priesthood. More than any other New Testament literature, Hebrews gives a comprehensive disclosure of Jesus’ fulfillment of the Old Covenant.

The better grace and glory found in Christ is a joyful truth that compels our faith and is not just a message for first-century Jewish believers but for all people across all cultures, times and places.

Jesus truly is better than anything we want to return to, run toward, rest in or receive comfort from.  

The Artist

Summer Jennings, of Terra Nova Troy, is our artist for this sermon series. Summer is an artist, graphic designer, and creative strategist who lives in Troy and works for the New York State Senate. To help us remember this series and it’s art, we will be giving away notecards that outline each sermon and how it points to Jesus being “Better”. Be sure to pick these up at your local Terra Sunday Gatherings. 

The Art

Main Title

The title of our series is “Better Than” and is paired with a greater than symbol. This is the main focal point of the art just as Christ should be the main focal point of our faith and lives. He is infinitely greater, more satisfying, and more rewarding. He is better. We “hold fast” to Him in all things.

The Wheel

Our sermon series will consist of 25-30 sermons, each with a “Better Than” title. Examples are shown as “Better Covenant” or “Better Than Moses” or “Better Kingdom”. The are shown in ascending & descending font size and clarity to portray the idea of a “Wheel”. Picture the Price is Right game show wheel with the greater than symbol as the pointer. You can spin the wheel, but whatever it lands on – Christ is still better.

Background Image & Words

The Background image is meant to be a call coming from all times and cultures. The words hidden in the background is the phrase “Better Than” in 22 different languages: Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Bulgarian, Gaelic, Ukrainian, German, Russian, Hebrew, French, Icelandic, Samoan, Mongolian, Greek, Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, Albanian, Japanese, Czech, Serbian and Hawaiian.


The Red accent color is meant to remind us of the atoning blood of Jesus. His once and for all sacrifice on our behalf assures us of the infinitely “better” future now secured. His unshakable, eternal kingdom is for all those who persevere in faith in Him.

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