17 Apr 2020

Service Opportunities During C-19 Quarantine

Deliveries for Salvation Army
The Salvation Army of Troy reached out to us a few weeks ago for help delivering food to those who need to remain at home or do not have access to transportation during this time. We are grateful for volunteers from our church that stepped forward to help. This would be a non-contact role, where people drop off groceries at the door.

Deliveries for Boys & Girls Club
The Boys & Girls Club of the Capitol Area has also reached out to us. They need volunteers in both Troy and Albany to deliver food. They need help in their main kitchen in Troy where they prepare the meals. The Monday thru Friday volunteer serving schedules are:

  • 8:00am-11:00am – Food preparation and packaging at their commercial kitchen in Troy
  • 11:00am-1:00pm – Food delivery at various housing locations throughout Troy and Albany
  • 1:00pm-4:00pm – Afternoon food preparation and packaging at their commercial kitchen in Troy

Donations & Deliveries for Captain Community & Human Services
Captain Community & Human Services (Clifton Park): They could use donations to their food bank and need volunteers during the week to distribute to those who drive-up to access food and household items.

Donations for Albany Medical Center Emergency Dept. Night Staff
Terra Nova will be supplying protein bars and energy drinks to the night staff at Albany Medical Center’s Emergency Department.
**UPDATE: This opportunity to give/serve has been closed … for the best of reasons. The outpouring was such that supply well surpassed the need. AMC has send their heartfelt thanks for Terra’s gifts at the height of the curve.

Please email Pastor Bill Cuthbertson: bill@terranovachurch.org with any questions or clarifications.

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