Sir George
Office Dog

George (Legal name: Sir George, Duke of GooberGoose Farms) is a one year old Old English Sheepdog.  George was brought onto staff this fall to boost morale in the office.  He teaches us about how to listen well, and extends Biblical proportions of love, grace and acceptance towards our staff team and visitors.  He is also a gifted street evangelist in the City of Saratoga Springs helping the Pastors connect with new people during every walk.  He also serves as a helpful member of the worship team, by howling at various levels to show approval or disapproval while Pastor Matt writes or practices in the office.

When not serving as office dog, George cares for his flock of chickens and serves faithfully as a floor cleaner and nanny for the Schwartz family.  He loves eating snacks and sitting in- er…I mean, crushing peoples laps and personal spaces.   



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