Expanding to Downtown Saratoga on January 6th, 2013

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We are excitedly counting down the days to the official public launch of our new location in Downtown Saratoga Springs. Join us at 5:30PM on January 6th at 45 Washington Street, right off Broadway. Tell everyone you know!

Check out the video explaining our vision:

Here is a look back at how God has brought about our expansion to Saratoga Springs, NY.

Idea Phase

Several years ago . . . all the way back in 2008 Terra’s Elders/Pastors sat around a fireplace in a cabin in the Adirondacks and agreed, after much prayer, that God was calling us to launch a new incarnation of Terra Nova in Downtown Saratoga Springs. A couple months later, we shared that vision publicly with the church in Troy as well as other pastors in the area. In our mind, that set in motion a process that might last a year or two.  And then God slowed us down . . .  a lot. And we realized as Pastor Ed often says that, “Vision and Calling does not always come with a timeline”. So we prayed more and talked more and realized that God had to provide two things in order to make a Saratoga location work. Before we could move forward, God had to provide the money and the Man. [We know that God has to provide a whole lot more than that of course . . . but these two things were big immediate road blocks].

The Money

We needed money for start up expenses. Money for additional pastoral needs. Money for additional rent. We realized that this could come through giving growth in our Troy location, or it could come through outside funding. God chose a mixture of both. He just sort of dropped funding in our lap and said “Here, will this be enough?” And when we said “Actually, we could use another 20K”, God said “Ok, let me go get that for you.” In short, God’s financial provision was obvious and completely out of our hands. There is no way that we can say we made it happen, because we didn’t. God did.

The Man

We knew that the pastoral team in Troy would all lend a hand in getting Saratoga started. In fact, that’s the whole concept behind “church extension” . . . maximizing existing resources to extend God’s mission into new venues . . . but we also knew that having one point person bearing primary responsibility for the Saratoga location was critical to the success of this new work of God. Interestingly enough, right around the time that the money issue was being resolved, Daniel Williams was graduating from Seminary after a lengthy internship at Terra. We knew Daniel well. We trusted him, and we saw in him an ideal candidate for Saratoga Location Pastor. We asked that he and Leah pray about it, and in late summer of 2011, Daniel accepted the position, and moved to Saratoga. The pastors have again and again affirmed Daniel’s readiness for this leadership role as he has demonstrated a depth of character and a level of maturity that is respected by all. We could not be more pleased with God’s provision of just the right leader for this new church.

Over the time leading up to our launch, God has continued to provide in so many small and large ways. A random e-mail from a pastor friend at Temple Baptist Church brought a building to our attention that we are now fixing up and renting for our worship gatherings. Other pastors, both locally and regionally with Acts 29 have called us up and said “We want to help get Saratoga started, what can we do? What can we give?” When we asked the congregation in Troy to give above and beyond their normal tithes and offerings to help with start-up expenses, they responded with $20,000 in three weeks. Contractors and painters and sound and lighting consultants have all stepped in to help. People have gathered for prayer on numerous occasions lifting up this new congregation. In short, the launch of Terra Nova in Saratoga is a perfect example of unity in the church, both locally and beyond. God’s fingerprints and the unifying grace of Jesus Christ are all over this thing and we are so thankful that we get to be a part of it all.

We hope to see you on January 6th at 5:30PM at 45 Washington Street in Downtown Saratoga Springs, NY.